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I am an experienced hospice nurse in Dallas Texas. I was contacted by CLF staffing to give end of life care to terminally ill patients in their homes. My contact with CLF Staffing was a man named Rich Holmes. | I agreed to do contract work for this company. It was obvious from the beginning that Rich did not understand hospice care or end of life care or staffing for that matter. | He never fully staffed a single case, so I was often left stuck and unable to leave the patient’s bedside because their was no one else to assume care. It is not legal to abandon a patient and it could put your nursing license at risk. He accepted jobs knowing he could not fully staff them and on several occassions I was stuck after my shift should have been over, working 16 and up to 20 hours at a time, leaving me exhausted and impaired to provide safe care. | I refused to accept any more shifts. He has never paid me for the work I’ve done. I don’t think he ever intended to. I suspect that he is pretending to have an office and a staff as well. | This guy talks a really good game, he’s very sincere and sounds kind and supportive. He totally played me. I’m not just worried about getting paid, he is putting patients and nurses in incredibly dangerous situatoins and needs to be shut down.

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