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I have requested a full refund from Click N’ Kids, Inc for the 8 year investment in their company with no financial statemnts or shares paid to me. In 2011, I received a call from an unknown person with Click N’ Kids offering me a chance to invest in their company which would go public shortly. After several phone calls, I invest $XX,XXX which was the minimum investment option. | The company only provided a few newsletters, never a prospective or corporate filings or financial report and they never went public. After two heart attacks, I decided that I wanted a refund and emailed Armie Carabet about my decision. He just put me off and said he would send out another newsletter, which never did appear. In fact, there were no more newsletters on their investor site after 2012 and the site was blocked which made me suspicious. | I tried calling every phone number (9) on the web associated with Click N’ Kids and they were either not in service or able to contact Mr. Carabet or Mr. Scalone. I finally found an email and sent my complain to Mr. Carabet. By then I was discussed and asked Mr. Carabet for a mailing address. He did not give it to me. I had to pay a internet search to find his current home address. Two letters were mailed to the two addresses I had on April 11, 2019 asking for a refund. I have not had any response from him, nor were the letters returned. | Since then I have learned from April 2005 to January 2014 Click N’ Kids offered and sold securities in the form of common stock in Click N’ Kids to at least 261 investors who were solicited by phone calls to persons they had no prior existing relationship with , or person that were not accredited investors. I fit both of those categories. The State of California Business Consumer Services and Housing Agency Department of Business Oversight ordered them to “desist and refrain from offering or selling any security”. This is also for the state of Pennsylvania. | Since they have been totally unresponsive and I have not shared in the company’s profits, I feel that Click N’ Kids has fraudulently misled me into investing my savings with nothing to show for it these 8 years. I have not other recourse, but to express my complaint and hope others will come forward. Maybe in numbers, we can do more than complain.

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