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product installed wrong size per the contract, company wont stand by contract contracted with Closets By Design in install a custom closet totaling 3500.00 I was giving drawings and measurements of what the ” finished closet would be”. I told the designer i was ordering a piece of custom granite for the top on the closet island. est. 60 days later the installer comes and installs the closet. The next day, my granite island top is being installed and once installed the granite is short. My husband and i measured the island and the granite to see why this is happening and we find that the island is 2 inches all the way around bigger than what my 3d signed drawings from Closets by design show. At this point i have paid for both the closet and the granite. I called Closets by Design and spoke with the ” manager” whom i have been going back and fourth with for 2 weeks. He tells me ” those measurements that are on the drawing and contract you signed for our just estimates”. My answer is, no where in the contract or on the drawing with measurements that i signed, does it state that this is an ” estimated measurement? I was told that my closet was Custom order. His response was, Well we are working on adding a clause into out contract that states that, I said okay, again, where does it state that these are just estimates on my drawing? why did you even bother giving me all these drawings and measurements if this is just an estimate? Why didn”t they tell me that when i told the sales rep ” designer” i was ordering a special granite island top? On my signed contact and drawings, the designer actually wrote on there that i was ordering the granite top, why didn”t he tell me that it is just estimated measurements? His response, well the designer does not know these things? I am thinking.. really?? This is supposed to be custom?? Closets by Design is not standing by what the contract was, I am stuck with a closet with an over sized island ( that is way bigger than my meaningless drawing shows with measurements)and with a piece of granite on it that does not fit at all and out of pocket over 4500.00. Closets by design has done nothing to fix this, Oh, wait, the manager did call and ask if i wanted to split the cost of a new island that is the original measurement of the drawings 48×24. So, let me get this right, I paid to have a 48×24 island installed, I get a island that is 50.5 x 26.5 and now i have to pay half for a new island that will be a 48×24? where is the logic in that? I would never use this company for anything again

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  1. Gale Valero
    June 17, 2020
  2. Nu Geldmacher
    June 17, 2020
  3. Verlene Robbs
    June 17, 2020

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