I purchased an item. It never came. Their customer service don’t really exist Internet!!. Dear Mr(s), I made a purchase from this website and the goods never came. The first sign something was wrong was that the bank called me right after I made the purchase. The bank knew the website was a wrong doer. They asked me if I made the purchase I said yes. I asked them why they called me and requested them to cancel the operation, considering that they know the site is a scam. They said that because I answered yes (I made the purchase) yes they could not cancel it. I entered a formal claims with the bank but that was unsuccessful. I investigated the website. They seam to be a robot the reads your cookies to push you advertisements, but they went a step further. They create those items in their fake website and sell them to you. But because they don’t exist the goods will never be sent to the customer. They are the future of theft. We need to protect other from being scammed. I know I won’t have my money back. Kind Regards, Bruno Soares

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