CMG Recovery Services

CMG Recovery Services

Over the last week and half, I was contacted by a Sam Hopkins stating that I owed money for a payday loan from 2012. This individual had my old address and my current location. I am aware that this person could have run a background check on me and gotten some information from the public domain. In our first conversation, he goes on to say that he needs me to call him and PAY over $2,000 via credit card on the phone. I stated that he probably was a scammer and reading from a script, he did not like my statements but kept pressing by THREATENING to get me arrested and taken to court. He kept saying that he was going to do a subpoena at my home. I asked him why the information wasn’t on my credit report. He had no answer for that. I asked Mr. Hopkins to send me a letter so I could review it I(and get it reviewed by a lawyer), he never sent it. The next day, he calls back saying that I gave him the wrong information and that I need to call him ASAP to pay the money. | Today, I get a call at 11:00 am stating that if I do not contact him by end of business day, I would be having to go to court for the bill. However, the company he referred to has never contacted me AND payday loans are illegal in the state of New York City. If you ever get a call from this organization, they call several times from different numbers. The number Mr. Hopkins called me from is 866-783-0543. Also, note if you ever call him or a representative back, there is no legitimate line. Normally when you call back companies (debt collectors) often have a complex telephone line, whenI called him a young lady answered then directly sent me right to his number. It was weird. Additionally, when asked about the validity of the account, he could not tell me why it would take more than 5 years to see an old bill. Most old accounts are on your credit report. I believe this to be a scam and I will not be intimidated. I have contacted FTC and also BBB as well as New York State Attorney’s Office to file complaints. | If they contact you please note that they go under different names such as CMG and Associates, Edelman, Combs, Latterman and Goodwin LLC. | Don’t give out your hard money, check online and make sure you do not give your personal information to a stranger over the phone. They thrive on fear! Good luck to all.

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