Report Filed: CNAC JD BYRYDER ripoff rude employees leaches Madison Wisconsin!!

In Jan of 2005 my husband and I were in need of a van as i was about to have another baby. Due to our bankruptcy we could not get any financing from any where. I was looking on the internet for bad credit good credit so on… found JD Byrider. Wish I knew then what i know now. Not only is the van we are paying for over priced within one month i had promblems with vechicle. When i contacted the madison dealer to inform them that i was having promblems i was then informed that the warranty only covered engine trouble nothing more. Great!!!! was not aware of that or misunderstood when it was told to us according to them. Then in March of 2005 my husband began the process of going army active. In that process he lost his job and we were unable to keep up with payments. so i called cnac who said they would work with me on my payment. when i explained to them that we were living off of my sons surviours benefits of 440 a month they said that was our problem and they would have no choice but to begin the process of repo on the van. Well five months later and now three months behind my husband is sworn in active duty, i about to lose our only vechicle and i get five to six threating calls a day even from my account mgrs. cell phone. Trina from Milwk. WI. I admit we fell behind but i was honest with them the entire time and kept them updated. Now here were are one month to christmas and they want to garnish our wages which even in the army is not very much for a family of seven on a E4’s Pay. If any one knows how i can get out from under CNAC please let me know Jennifer woodruff, WisconsinU.S.A.

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