CNCLawGroup $38,000 Motothome that did not exist Internet Waukesha Wisconsin!!. I just read about the gentleman that was to purchase the Speedster from CNC Law, and caught it before he transered the money. I was not that lucky. I answereed an ad on Craigslist about a 2004 Monaco Dynsty PDQ motorhome and was told it was still avaiable. The asking price was $40,000, which was too good to be true, but I thought I would check it out anyway. The email I received was from a Jessica Walter. She said that the motorhome was in Waukesha, Wi and she had moved to Alaska with her daughter, because her husband had just died and her lawyer was handling her estate. She gave me his numbers and said to contact the CNC law group, and work with them. I contacted CNC and spoke with Robert Salick. He said any decissions about this motorhome would have to be made by Jessica. I asked wher I could see it and was told it was stored in Wakusha in a storage unit out of the weather. After all the discussion I was told the money had to be deposited in an escrow account at Bank Of America, before she would make a trip back to WI, because of the cost and that she was an older lady. I went to the WI bar web site and checkedd him out and he passed that test. They said his credentials wer in good standing and current. I also checked their phone numbers and they checked out. I was told they would take it to Terry’s RV in Chicago for inspection and fix anything that was in need of fixing. I received a contract from that was 6 pages explaining everything about the deal. I was still not convinced, and he sent me a CarFax and a copy of the Title and both showed they were Jessica Walters. On Aug 22, 2018 my bank transfered $38,000 to the Bank Of America 5350 West Flagler St Miami, Florida Routing #026009593 Acct#898054720551 On August 23 all comunication had stopped and I got concerned so I called my bank and asked them to stop this transfer and was told that they would try, but nothing could be done. I called this Bank Of America and spoke with Theresa and asked them to freeze this account before these crooks took my money, at least until we could figure this all out. I was told they could not do anything about it, so I got screwed again. I filed a police report an my bank sent it through the Federal Reserve to Bank of America and it came back no fraudulent activity on this account. I filed reports with IC3, CFPB, FBI and others and noone seems to care that Bank of America would not stop this fraud or that the CNC group is still in business. I called the toll free number and it was answered,” Attorny Salick how can I help You”. So if I can find them, why can’t the government?

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