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While browsing Facebook today I came across an ad for Coach purses. The site said it was an outlet site and the prices were too good to be true. I should have known better, but I ordered about $128 worth of merchandise. I tried checking out and I kept getting an error message. I thought something was wrong with my credit card so I used my debit card. When the debit card didn’t work I used another debit card. I decided to check my bank account online as I was using my cellphone at the time. A transaction from a place Randon Random Store was processing. I did not recognize this, but knew the amount looked just like what I had tried to pay for my Coach items. I quickly called the bank and sure enough it was processing from Beijing China. I filed a claim, but don’t know if I will get my money back. Sad thing is I did it on 3 cards! BEWARE!!! I also googled the website and and it took me straight to this ripoff site. It’s happened to many! Good luck if you are a vicitim like me!

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