Coachella Valley GMC

Coachella Valley GMC

Coachella Valley GMC GM Mark Tierny If your looking to get ripped off, go to Coachella Valley GMC! Indio California!!. November of 2012, I took my GMC Yukon with 90,000 miles in for service because the stabilitrak system warning light came on, it would make a loud banging noise when the vehicle was started, and it was leaking oil. The service dept stated I needed new engine mounts ($1,400) and struts ($900) and that they had fixed the oil leak with a new oil gasket. Didn’t have money for more expensive repairs at that time. I paid over $1,000 to this service dept for repairs in the month of November. I brought it back to dealership on July 1, 2013, because oil still leaking and engine was bogging down on acceleration. I agreed to have the other 2 repairs done as reccommended by GMC staff. On July 3 I pick up vehicle. Service dept advised me after $2,500 worth of repairs that I need to repair an additional five items. The cheapest item was a water pump for $600. Had a phone call been made to tell us prior, we would have declined repairs and had a second opinion. July 4th, vehicle breaks down and I have vehicle towed to GMC. The service dept is closed for holiday. Our family was stranded in 120 degree heat, our holiday ruined. I am told by sales staff that the service dept “is a different dept.” Sales staff looks at Yukon and states “The battery has plenty of power. It must be the fuel pump, sometimes you just have to cut your losses.” I reluctantly trade my Yukon in and am given $18,000 for trade-in, which is at least $2-$4,000 below blue book price. I am told had I driven the Yukon onto the lot, I could have got $20,000 for trade-in, but they just didn’t know what was wrong with it. July 8th, I file complaint with service mgr. who asks me to give him 2 days to investigate before getting back to me. After waiting 4 days, I call him and he has an employee tell me he will call me on Monday. I go to GMC, speak to general mgr. who says he will research my claims. I call general mgr on Monday who states, “It’s not that we need your money, I just don’t think we did anything wrong. We replaced battery and it worked fine.” I just replaced batter 2 months prior with receipts to prove it.

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