Coast to Coast Construction

Coast to Coast Construction

Nick has been anything but professional in the remodeling business in Fort Myers which I myself have been in for over 20 years in Texas. Nick contracted to remodel my 90 year old father’s bathroom to make it more accessible to them. The project started off okay until I saw the quality of work he did on the shower after I got on Skype with my father. Even with my limited viewing capabilities I could see it was possibly the worst tile job I have EVER seen! Not until I went down to visit did I realize just how bad it really was. I have seen workers that have never done one before come out 20 times better than this hack! On top of that he over charged them by almost twice of what it should have cost. I know this because I have remodeled hundreds of bathroom and know what it should cost. Nevertheless he never even completed the job but before he disappeared he “borrowed” $2000.00 from my father after giving him a sob story that he was about to get evicted, his wife was going to leave him if he didn’t make rent and all sorts of BS! My father even had him sign a promissory note which still meant nothing to Nick! Soon after he got the money, not only for the remodel, but the “loan” which he said he would repay with interest within 30 days he refused to answer repeated phone calls, registered letters, and just disappeared. We tried to sue him in small claims court but he moved away to the Tampa area so the sheriff couldn’t sever him with papers unless we located him. His son, Nick Nataro Jr. was going to USF or UCF to play football from what we have been able to gather but still to no avail. So the bottom line here is if you come across Nick Nataro for any reason just know he is not an honorable man and is a complete lair, thief and con artist that preys on the elderly! Should I ever cross paths with him again it will not be pleasant for him in every respect possible! That is not a treat…that’s a PROMISE!! Save yourself the anguish and just stop any contact with him if you want to keep from being his next victim. You’ve been warned!. I demand Pay back the promisary note to my 92 year old father that you scammed out of money and incomplete bathroom remodel he started and walked out. I don’t recommend them

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