Coast to Coast, LLC

Coast to Coast, LLC

Coast to Coast, LLC Coast to Coast Moving, Excalibur Moving Group, LLC., TOS Limo, LLC., Incorporating Services, LTD Anthony Regalbuto, Zane Taranto, Joseph Taranto, Kaitlyn Ross, Melissa Stops, Taylor Richardson, Steve Erickson Defrauded Deerfield Beach Florida!!. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They are liars and thieves. If you are epsearching moving companies online, my best advice is to go to: FMCSA website and search the DOT and motor carrier numbers. Then, go to BBB website, and make sure you enter exact info. This is where, I failed to be a super sleuth. I was sent a text by someone named u201cTayloru201d, letting me know that there will be a truck in my area around my requested move date. This will save me 30% off my total move. The initial text went on to say that their u201cmoving companyu201d has been in business for 19 years, and has an A+ rating on the BBB site. Taylor, then asks me to text/call him at, 954-900-1036. An email is hen sent with an actual link to a FAKE BBB page, showing an A+ rating. This page was created by Coast to Coast, LLC, with the intent to defraud you. This is not their real BBB page, as it only gives the company name of: u201cCoast to Coast Moving.u201d The u201cLLCu201d portion of the company name has purposefully been left out of the equation. The owners, and employees will use every tactic in the book to make you think they are an above board, stellar, and trustworthy company. THIS IS THE FURTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH. Most of our contents were flat out stolen, by the cheapest bidder that Coast to Coast, LLC. found. We were told that our belongings would be moved on a tractor trailer, that we would share with another family. (This is where the supposed 30% discount came in to play.) Someone in a stolen truck (we now have documentation to prove this) showed up to move us. The truck wasnu2019t a tractor trailer, but a 26u2019 box truck. Due to the lack of space, the hired thieves showed up a 2nd day, to load another 26u2019 truck. We went through hell trying to track down both trucks went the date of delivery came and went. We got very little of our stuff back, and what we did track down was broken, and/or damaged. I beg you- verify, verify, verify before you hire anyone. Read all of the recommendations on the FMCSA website, so this doesnu2019t happen to you.

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