Coast To Coast Marine & Coach

Coast To Coast Marine & Coach

Coast To Coast Marine & Coach Connected me with a buyer who is not paying & they have not done anything to recover my money or the trailer West Babylon New York!!. Last November Coast to Coast found someone to take over the payments on my 2018 Primetime Travel Trailer. The person is supposed to pay every month by the 20th of each month. The contract that Coast to Coast had me sign stated that their were several requirements of the new buyer and if they were not met there were penalties including a late payment penalties and if the buyer defaulted the trailer could be repossessed. The requirements stated that payments must be made on time or there was a late payment fee per day. The requirements also stated that the buyer must carry insurance on the trailer. Coast to Coast was supposed to make sure that the buyer had insurance on the trailer before they took possession. Additionally the biggest stipulation in the contract is that it must be paid in full by November of 2019. Initially I worked with Darren for about 8 months while he looked for a buyer. After 3 failed attempts a buyer was found and I was matched with Henry Small. During this cycle I was told multiple times that if any issues came up while the trailer was being sold to the new buyer that Cost to Coast would be there to assist me and that I had nothing to worry about. This has absolutuely not been the case. First I have never been shown proof that the buyer has insurance coverage on the vehicle. This is despite my asking several times. I also have received late payments every month and the last two months the payments have been 30+ days late. I have sent emails and called many times to Coast to Coast and I am always referred to “Bob”. I have only been able to speak to Bob two times. The first time he said he would call Henry Small and I never heard back from him. I called him a few days later and he told me Henry would be sending my payment. The next month after my payment was late I called again but not response. The following month the same thing. This is in addition to emails. In November of this year I called again and got through to Bob. He said he was working on it but here we are on December 8th and I have not received Novembers payment. I also have made several phone calls to Bob over the last 30 days and sent four emails. I have received one reply saying he left Henry a message. Throughout this entire process I would get an occasional text message from an unknown # stating it was Henry Small and a payment was on the way. I gave Bob all of these phone #’s and yet I have still heard nothing back. On 12-8-17 I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Coast to Coast responded that they have not been able to reach the buyer. They also said they did not know that they should repo the vehicle and would initiate doing so. I have tried twice since then to contact Bob and he has not replied. I am also no longer able to log into the website showing where the trailer is located. The bbb complaint was closed and i still do not have my trailer back and the payment is now 2 months past due.

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