Coastal Moving Group

Coastal Moving Group

When this Coastal moving guys came for the pickup to Boise ID, they came in the morning and we showed them all the items, what all they needs to take for moving. So they started working and packing all the items in boxes and all of a sudden in the afternoon they stopped working by saying that the stuff can’t fit in the space on which we took the contract at the beginning. At that time lot of discussion has happened over the phone (with his managers from Coastal moving group and as well as with Revolution moving systems company people) and almost 3-4 hours got wasted there itself without any work. They created/brought the stress situation on me. like will you agree to pay extra or else we’ll remove all the stuff which is already in the truck and they’ll go off. | M Even I agreed for that extra payment which they quoted for moving all of my stuff. Since it became very late they are in a rush in loading the items into the truck. By the time they done with loading it became very dark. Finally during the payment and the paper work time, I don’t have a way to go and check whether the lead person has mentioned all the loaded items correctly in the list which I’m signing. Even before signing the agreement also I checked with him clearly whether he listed out all the items without missing any single item which he loaded in the truck. He said that he listed out everything and didn’t miss any single item and I trusted his words and his work, so I signed the agreement and paid the agreed amount and they went off. | Those guys who came for the delivery are so irresponsible that they didn’t even check whether they loaded all the items from the warehouse into the truck correctly. Even that driver clearly stated to me that few items were not loaded from their warehouse into the truck and he marked the same in the household goods delivery inventory list as well. But still they’re so confident that they can deliver the items even though many big items are missing. At-least they didn’t inform us anything before starting from the warehouse. They didn’t even mention about the missing items before the payment. After the payment is done, once after downloading all the items then we asked about the important big and costly items and then they said that they didn’t load those items into the truck from the warehouse, until then they didn’t even said anything about those missing items to us. Really such an irresponsible and unprofessional behavior those people has. | The items what all we are missing now are the items which those movers helped us in packing into those boxes during the pickup. And they are clearly aware that which item is packed in which box. It also looks to me like these missing items are stolen with some plan. Because here I’m missing all my brand new unused items and costly items which are in good condition. | Upto my remembrance I’m missing the below mentioned items. | Missing items: | 1) Samsung 65″ LED TV | 2) Brown luggage bag( Which has my wife’s costly and memorable wedding attires and brand new costly bed sheets brought from India) | 3) Dresser back metal attachments( which holds the mirror and the bottom body together) | 4) Brand new costly comforter | 5) White plastic box with 3 drawers ( containing all my bank checks and one Hard disk which has all my educational and personal very important docs, old memorable pictures which I don’t have any backup with me right now and has lot more stuff which I didn’t remember exactly) | 6) Metal laptop holder with fan inside it | 7) Laptop lap holder (Based with foam) | 8) Kitchen Rug | 9) Runner Rug | 10) Door mat | 11) Toiletry stand | 12) Expensive Large Panda Toy | 13) Facial Steamer | 14) Squatty potty (Plastic) | 15) Food storage cart draws | 16) Hardware Tools box containing Expensive tools and lot other stuff | 17) Small box with medicine kit | 18) Small box with crafts and other miscellaneous items | 19) Goddess worshiping prayer items | Broken Item’s :- | 1. Coffee Table Glass Top got totally broken into tiny small pieces. | 2. Computer Desk back supporting frame got totally broken and missing wooden frames in it. | 3. 2 Night stands and Dresser corner’s got chipped off. | 4. Missing dinning/kitchen chairs screws and holders

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