Collection Bureau of America

Collection Bureau of America

These guys, man I called them and they say they’re just the middle man. They said I owe money and all they can do is check to see if it checks out. I dispute that I owe money because Alhambra didn’t come to pick up their equiptment, they refused to deliver my water and they say well it shows that you do owe money. So simply because Alhambra has it reported I owe money their word is gold?! I said no, that’s not right and CBA says to take it up with Alhambra. Now I just filed another report before this one against Alhambra telling you that they put you on hold and someone refuses to pick up the phone. That’s not right! How are you supposed to resolve anything if they’re making you look irresponsible? And for CBA now to say that Alhambra are right for wanting their money? Of course they’re going to say that because they want to make money! That’s a conspiracy. If there were any more players beyond them two then that’s racketeering and incredibly illegal. Imagine who ELSE all this is happening to?! I mean I wouldn’t have to say boo and will gladly just drop this report once they take it off how much I allegedly owe on all ends. I got you, not vice versa. Put a financial hook in my mouth, in writing, with no pursuit of revenge. Writers give unions a voice, do they not? Perhaps if that’s arguable then maybe if this stops all over they will again. Thank you.

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