My husband is being contacted by a so called “CTi” collections company on behalf of the Department of Education. He has a defaulted loan that we are trying to fix and these scam artists were harassing us telling him that we had to pay $1000 a month for 9 months to get him back to a normal status and they would forgive X number out of his overall debt.

When we innocently accepted the unreasonable request which would cause an extreme hardship to our family since they convinced us there was no way around it, they changed the amount agreed to $1300 and were threatening my husband with a lien in his paycheck if he didn’t agree! When we called them out on it, cancelled our credit card we had given them and demanded written statement of their terms they hang up the phone on us and disappeared…

The sad part is that my husband got this number from what he believed was the Department of Education!!!. I demand Leave us alone! We would have given you 9k if we didn’t stop ourselves. Stay away

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