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I have been a member of Collective Fab (earlier called Bella Vi Styles) since July 2016. They had an option where I could be a member without paying any monthly fees and that’s the option that I opted for as i wanted to test out how the service before I made a committment. They were supposed to be uploading inventory data every 4 hours. But I found out that this wasnt happening. THey kept sending me emails for turnkey website development / design offers. I received a similar offer thru email for a Premium Turnkey Website Setup within 72 hours. the offer also stated that if I was not satisfied with the wesbsite, I was eligible for a full refund. | On September 28, 2016 I decided to take that option. I made an online payment using my credit card. | This was for a "Premium Turnkey Website Setup". After making the payment, I did not hear back from Collective Fab. I sent emails to find out what was going on and when my website would be ready. | On Sept 29th I received an email from Josh Anderson asking me to fill up some document and provide some details. I sent the details on Sept 30. Then again no response from Collective Fab until Oct 3rd. So I sent out an email enquiring as to what was going on and if my website was ready. Josh responded back on Oct 4th. By this time it was way past the 72-hour commitment. On Oct 4th Josh gives me some website which I do not like and do not agree to. So he says that’s the only option that they have. I do not like that design and I told him on email that I did not like that design. So he says he would check with their designers and get back to me. | Oct 7th I have not heard back anything from COllectiveFab. SO I send an email asking for a refund as it was over 10 days now. | Since then I have been following up regularly with them on email as well as on chat. | On Oct 19 I was told that my refund would be processed and that I would get my refund. | Oct 21st – I was on chat with the support and asked for my refund. They informed me that it would take 15 days for the refund to be processed. This was not acceptable as no refund takes 15 days to process. | I made a mention that I would be putting my case on all possible sites to report their scam. I told them that I would give them time until eod Oct 22 to let me know about my refund. | Oct 29th – I have not heard anything about my refund yet. Hence I am sending this report | I have copies of all my emails send to Collective Fab (Bella Vi Styles) and also their email for the offer and the 72 hours Turnkey Premium Website Development claim. | Later again I was told that that refund would be in my account in 30 days. Unwillingly I agreed to wait. | Nov 30 – Refund not yet received. So I get on the chat with someone named Emily (not sure if that is this persons real name). She kept telling me that she was checking with the Accounts department. I agreed to wait on chat. But even after 4 hours on chat no information was given to me about my refund. | Dec 1 – Sent an email to find out the status of my refund but no response. Also the chat is not available | This company is cheating entrepreneurs and just taking money from all and not able to deliver. | These are the email id’s that I have cunicated with communicated with | Bella Vi <[email& 160;protected]>, | [email& 160;protected], | Josh Anderson <[email& 160;protected]>, | Bella Vi <[email& 160;protected]>, | Kevin Wynn – [email& 160;protected] | For rating I would not even rate a 0 for Collective Fab and if there was a negative rating I would give that rating but as 1 is the lowest rating possible that’s the only reason I am forced to give a rating as 1. | BEWARE !!!

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  1. Alonso Aiken
    June 17, 2020

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