Colonial Penn

Colonial Penn

This company uses famous Alex Trebek to advertise their life insurance policy for seniors knowing that he can gain their trust. They advertise that there is a no medical examination to get you to sign up for a policy but fail to tell you about the 2 year waiting peorid. If you are signing up a senior citizien for a life insurance policy why would you give them a 2 year waiting period instead of getting a medical report? this is crazy!! I would like for someone to investigate just how many policies actually are not getting paid through this company because I believe it’s an all out scam for them to possibly be collecting payments from senior citizens knowing that majority of them possibly are not going to live the 2 years and then all they do for the family is pay them what their love one has paid into the policy, which could possibly be as low as 200 dollars!! How fair is that to the family of the victim who thought they were covered and had no worries!! My question is are they making interest off of the seniors that they are collecting benefit payments from monthly?? If so then this is all out fraud!! An investigation needs to be done because they could possibly be getting rich off of scamming the elderly!!

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  1. Rosie Mcclement
    June 16, 2020

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