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How can this even be legal?? They high-pressure you into taking a loan, knowing how desperate you are, claim to “Read” you the disclosures, (not send them to you to read yourself), and they are read to you so fast by some Dot Indian, Not a Feather Indian, that you can’t understand a word they said. | Claim to be the Tonto Apache Indian Tribe out of Arizona, but sound like their straight out of Mumbai, India!! They charge such exorbitant interest rates, I wonder if any agency regulates or monitors these common theives. DO NOT BORROW FROM THESE CRIMINALS!!! My boyfriend took one of their loans for $825, and is stupid enough to pay them $123.51 dollars a WEEK!! NOT A MONTH!! Until December for God’s sake! From March of this year! I wanted to beat the living nut sack off of him! This is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen! They need to be stopped ASAP!!

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