Comfort Keepers of Henderson, NV

Comfort Keepers of Henderson, NV

They only item they advised me I would be charged for was fingerprinting. The HR individual Cheri Castro is very disrespectful and unprofessional. Her work ethic is slow and she deliberately holds up the employment process. She is a workplace Bully. | Before being officially hired for this company I have paid out over $300.00 in expenses. I had to pay for a physical that was already completed in another state. I had to pay for a DMV report. I was going to have to pay for criminal background check and fingerprints but after paying the previous expenses I refused, even though I have worked in several government positions and have a up to date top security clearance. The only charges I was made aware of that I would have to pay during the interview were fingerprints. The HR person; Cheri Castro was rude, disrespectful , slow and displayed a Bully attitude. I inquired with her considering further charges I would have to pay before employment and how much longer it would be before my hiring process was completed. Cheri Castro never complied with my request or answered the question. Very unprofessional company. No one should have to pay to work for any company, nor should they be treated like a performing circus animal who jumps through hoops. These individuals are caring for people with Alzheimers and dementia. I worry about their clients and how they might be ripped off.

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