Commercial Charger GmbH

Commercial Charger GmbH

Sanja Uzelac Commercial Charger GmbH Osijek Croatia Munich Germany. | We agreed to do a business with writing technical documentation for her company website and if everything okay to HELP linux admin to migrate a site to another staging/production environment. | We didn’t write a paper contract, I just signed digitally ‘Nondisclosure agreement’ also we agreed my hourly rate on first meeting when she visits me in my home city. | She also requested a daily update on work status and spent hours, which I did every day for 1-2 months. | After few days of my investigation a website code she asked me to HELP currently active linux admin to migrate a site to another server (his name was Sebastian and as I am informed he is doing that task for months unsuccessfully), so I decided to try to help him. I also rented my own private server to try to do migration on my own because Sebastian already make to many configuration changes on the current server but the site didn’t work. | So I paid private Digital Ocean VPS 10$ and spent 10 hours to run the site from code they provide me. | After I succeed to run a site on my VPS I did the same thing on their server with only 3 hours. | I didn’t write this 10 hours of my work at working timesheet but I mention to her this is on me. | In general, a site was running but one side of the site is communication to an external system which was handled by a student (Filip who work with hardware) and it’s about some hardware configuration and some WebSockets communication didn’t work well. Only one time we had successful communication from a website I migrated to that part of few hardware devices. | So I tried few days to find what the problem and I figured that is not on website side. And inform Sanju Uzelac about and inform her also that part with external hardware communication she needs to check with Filip or to find somebody who can fix that and that my part of work is finished I will just complete website documentation on her requests about how did I run a site. | I created like 15-20 page document about her website and send to her she asked for some small updates which I did as requested. | Also, she said that okay and that I send her a bank account so she can pay my work. I send it and she didn’t contact me for 20 days so I send her again email asking for payment. Then she responds with a preperd email like ‘Site migration I didn’t complete 100% because that part of hardware not communication with the website also like the document I wrote is copy pasted 80% ‘ and she is willing to pay only 30% of the final sum. | Hers respond was totally fraud! Sanja Uzelac Osijek Hrvatska is fraudster! Cheater! | I confirmed that If she doesn’t pay all the sum, that I will find a way to make her pay more then that! | At a meeting we had in my city she said that she don’t have anything except a website code, no any documentation or some previous developer reference for communicating like she had a problem with two previous companies which were built that site. | From that information, I feel she is a cheater because two companies stop to work on a project and ask her to take a website from their servers without any documentation or any reference about site and deployment and configurations. | So Sanja Uzelac Commercial Charger GmbH Osijek Munich is cheater and she didn’t pay for my work, Do not work with cheater Sanja Uzelac!

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