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Repeat customer very dissatisfied with their customer service. The customer service correspondence in relation to my queries re the issues described below was poor: a somewhat aggressive denial that their conduct was “deceptive” in any way (quite debatable) but no acknowledgment of or apology for the impact of the non-disclosed stocking delay nor offer to make amends. ISSUES – They failed to disclose at time of ordering: (i) the ordered item (an arm compression sleeve) was not stock; and (ii) that where not-in-stock items are selected for international delivery there will be a delay prior to dispatch – typically one week – while the stock is sourced from their supplier. Based on a (largely irrelevant) explanation they provided about how not-in stock items are shipped directly by suppliers to US addresses, I understand that both issues are systemic (i.e. built into their process) the failure to disclose the not in-stock status of items and the dispatch/stocking delay applicable to international orders of such items. In this case, despite having selected their expensive (3x standard shipping cost) express international shipping service their failure to advise the stocking delay deprived me of the opportunity to select an alternative in-stock item (to ensure the selected item to be delivered by the required time) or simply default to the cheaper, standard shipping option. As it turned out the one week delay in dispatch meant that the item was not able tp be delivered within my family”s required 18 day window prior to international travel. As a result my mother was unable to use the compression sleeve for her travel. Without the week-long pre-dispatch delay, under their shipper DHL”s standard delivery timeframe range for the express shipping service the item would have been comfortably delivered in time. In my view any customer in this circumstance has a reasonable expectation that any material applicable stocking delay would be advised to them at point of ordering, even more so if an express shipping option was selected. To clarify: I”m not suggesting they promised the item would be delivered or shipped by a certain date or within a particular time-frame. I am suggesting that their failure to disclose during the ordering process a systemic stocking delay (for all out of stock products for international delivery) that would significantly increase the overall delivery time, whilst still accepting the 3x shipping premium paid by the customer, is poor, verging on deceptive, customer service. Potential remedies suggested by me to “make it right” – either: – refund the difference between the express and standard shipping charge (as they failed to effectively provide the express service) – resend the ordered item to the US address my mother would be staying at whilst in the US so she could at least the stocking for her return flight. Other than their somewhat aggressive denial of deceptive conduct (essentially disputing semantics) there was neither an acknowledgement of the poor customer experience nor any response to my request for a remedy to “make it right”.

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  1. Lavern Wagenaar
    June 14, 2020

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