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I had 2 Toshiba laptops I bought brand new from Best Buy that were only about 2 years old when they started having all kinds of hardware issues. I had already replaced the hard drives twice in both laptops in that 2 year period. | I decided to get a desktop for home and a laptop to travel with so I went to Computer Liquidators. The store I visited had a Hispanic woman running the sales end and another Hispanic doing the tech work. They seemed like decent honest folks as well as some what well versed in their profession. | I explained to the woman what my interest were. She told me all their computers have a fresh copy of Windows installed, all come with 6 months warranty, and can be returned for trade in the first 29 days if not satisfied. Seemed like a fair deal so I moved forward. | On Craigslist they advertise Desktops with monitor, keyboard and mouse for $99 as well as all in one computers and laptops HOWEVER, there were NO complete package deals for $99 as replicated in their Craigslist ads complete with pictures! | The desktop I purchased was actually $250 for TOWER and keyboard…..NO MOUSE! It also did NOT have a fresh windows install as I found numerous files that would not have been installed with a fresh windows install……files like CCLEANER, GOOGLE, SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY and many others! | I began having issues which I find common with Windows 7 Home Premium as I have experienced issues on brand new computers especially with internet explorer. So I ordered an OEM Windows 7 Professional 64 bit DVD online at a cost of around $50 and reinstalled a fresh windows OS at my expense even though reportedly under warranty. This way I know it’s done right and I know what gets installed which is most important!!! The computer has run flawlessly since! | Now the laptop…….which I purchased for $100…..still not the $99 advertised price. I get the thing home and once again, it has numerous files not associated with a fresh install of windows. Again, Windows 7 Home Premium…..the problematic OS I’ve seen so many times before. | I only use this laptop for travel as I also have several desktops one of which I purchased from this enterprise. When it became obvious to me that the OS was corrupted and was not a fresh install I took it back and asked what they would do for me. I was told I could trade it in on something else however, only having it 2 months and purchased for $100 they would give me a $30 trade in allowance……gee, what a bargain……it was wortha $100 sales price only 2 months prior! | I asked what about the “fresh windows install” to which of course they claim they do however, fresh installs don’t have aftermarket software like CCLEANER, SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY, GOOGLE etc. It also had an administrative file within the downloads file containing all the executive install files from the previous owner………..not consistant with Windows fresh install OS!! | Here’s the real killer, this computer will only allow a windows 32 bit install to which I had to inform them…….they were unaware of that circumstance! I was told $30 however, when I went back to get it the following day………the price was now $70 because they didn’t have a 32 bit install of windows 7! | Also, there service contract states they assume NO RESPONSIBILITY what-so-ever while your computer is in their possession for repair……….so if it gets stolen, dropped, serviced by an idiot, software deleted etc they assume no responsibility……..WHAT A BARGAIN!! | Needless to say, I am going to do the same with this laptop as I did with the desktop………purchase an OS on line…….Windows 7 Professional 32 bit SP1 and do my own install that way I know I have it done right and know whats on the computer! | The problem with these places is they think everyone who comes through the door is an idiot…….how grossly mistaken they are! I would NEVER patronize this establishment again or any of it’s other associated locations. Your guarantees and warranties end when you hand over your money and leave the store with your newly purchased merchandise! What really made my day is their time of business sign on the front door claiming “Saturday is family day” and “Sunday is the Lords Day” and they are closed! I hate to burst their bubble but CHRISTIANS don’t do business in this manner…….their word IS their word!!

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