Concept Property Management

Concept Property Management

This place gets absolutely no stars from me at all! Let’s see where do I begin? How about here first…my daughter has lived in these apartments for 2 years, yes 2 years and it has been nothing but problems since the start! When she first moved in she moved into a 2 bedroom and had a roommate. She woke up to spider bites multiple times!!! When she called and spoke to the so called “RA’s” on staff they brought some bug spray and sprayed it around as if that was going to help the situation. This continued until I finally had to threaten to contact corporate and they moved her to a different apartment to finish out the school year. | Fast forward to the FOOLISHNESS we are experiencing now….we are paying $819 for an efficiency that has given us problems since day one!!! When we moved her in it was literally 90 degrees in the apartment!!! 90 degrees in the middle of the summer in Texas! It was so bad we had to bring her home for the weekend because the so called “EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE IS NOT EMERGENCY AT ALL” THEY EXPECTED MY CHILD TO STAY IN A BLAZING OUT APARTMENT ALL WEEKEND UNTIL THAT MONDAY!!! LUDICROUS…….When they finally came to see about her they placed a huge portable ac unit inside the apartment that did not help and brought unwanted bugs with it!! To add insult to injury they started replacing the AC UNIT in the VACANT APARTMENT across the hall while she was burning up in her OCCUPIED APARTMENT and told her she could not receive a new unit until the following year . | Today January 16th takes the cake and the reason why this is being posted for the world to see….the toilet flooded in the apartment….The office was closed for Martin Luther King day and so they sent the RA….. yeah the RA…and what are they good for again???? The are not trained to fix maintenance issues….anyway I digressed…..after he took 2 hours to try and clean up the water and turn the water off which he did not do he called the AGAIN ‘SO CALLED EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE” people and she was told her issue was not an emergency..THEY WOULD LEAVE THE CLUBHOUSE DOORS UNLOCKED AND SHE COULD WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO THE TOILET IF SHE NEEDED TO USE IT…..A YOUNG LADY…ALONE BY HERSELF WALKING BACK AND FORTH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! As I write this she still does not have a working toilet. And it is now 10:12am on January 16th. | Please please hear me…do not pay your money for these apartments!! Do not i repeat do not move here!!! The office staff is horrible….the maintenance works as they feel and they do not care about their residents!! Stay away from this place!! The rent is way to high for the service and quality you receive!!!

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