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On May 16, 2015, as a Mother’s Day activity, my mother and I attended a screening of “The Last Unicorn” in Providence, RI, which was then followed by a Q&A session with the author of the book “The Last Unicorn,” Peter S. Beagle. After this session the employees running the event told us (the audience) about various merchandise we could purchase either then and there or to be shipped at a later time. I purchased what was referred to as the “Bigger Better Beagle Bundle” from Conlan Press, as well as various books and merchandise which I brought home that day. This “bundle” was supposed to consist of a brand new edition of the book “The Last Unicorn”, a companion edition of its sequel “Two Hearts,” a remastered DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the film “The Last Unicorn,” and a newly published coffee table book of art and concept sketches from the film “The Last Unicorn.” We (the audience) were told that this “bundle” was still in the process of being published but would ship no later than January 2016. The “pre-order price” of this bundle was $135, which I considered to be a fair price. I never received an invoice either on paper or through email for this “bundle,” which was the first red flag that I had been scammed. January came and went and there was no package shipped to my house and no communication from Conlan Press about why there may have been a delay. I have tried to contact the company numerous times but have never received a reply. I am sure there is no “bundle” in the works, and this is part of the larger Conlan Press scam involving Mr. Beagle and his work, as well as the work of other artists and merchants.

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  1. Janna Mihalco
    June 17, 2020

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