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There are more dating scammers on this site than any site I’ve ever seen. I started this about a month ago and almost every single man that approached me lived in the US, was born out side the US, was a widower with two children over the age of 50. And they would ask me for detailed information. At first a gave about three my e mail address, one wrote me with the most fairy tale love letter I ever seen. I had to question this. Then I told my GF and she updated me on the scammers. I looked online and saw the common thread of their MO’s. I checked out the names and locations of these people and their pictures. They are fake profiles. And since then. TONS of them come in every day from people who are out of the country, but live in the US and are widowers who have children at the age of 50 plus. I sent in a complaint to them. I told them that they are prime target for these scammers and to do something about it. I was smart enough not to get caught up in it, but there are lonely older people out there who could very easily fall for these scams. I think there should be some kind of penalty for web pages who allow this. This is a ridiculous count of scammers on here. Almost as if they are set up for it. I will like if more people knew this so they wont get scammed. I was never scammed. I thought it suspicious for a 58 year old man to write such a dramatic love letter and never had met me. I have also talked to two on the phone. Thick accents for a person who lived in the US since 12 years old, and the phone connection was terrible. Thanks for reading this.

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  1. Angel Steinmetz
    June 16, 2020
  2. Lissa Gloeckner
    June 13, 2020

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