Connexity, Inc.

Connexity, Inc. (Smart Stores) (, recently acquired in June 16, 2015 and operating under the Corporate Business Name: (Connexity Inc.) Headquartered Address: 12200 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90064 | ( Connexity Inc. is held by a private equity investor firm portfolio (Symphony Technology Group) ( based in Palo Alto, California. (Symphony Technology Group) is manage by (CEO) Romesh Wadhwani, (Vice President) Quinlan Fang of the private equity firm. | Connexity Inc. (Formerly Shopzilla) are a fraudulent company now managing over the (Smart Stores) Publisher Network. Connexity Inc. will not pay my company for (Pay Per Click) traffic delivered to their merchant partners stores on a (Pay Per Click Revenue Share) rate as promise under Terms. Our company have been with the (Smart Stores) Publisher Network for 90 days prior to sale to Connexity Inc. We have had No issues with the quality of our traffic of any kind until Connexity Inc. took over ownership. (Smart Stores) Publisher Network have paid us on (Three) consecutive times without any reported problems about the quality of our traffic. Connexity Inc. is not willing to pay my company for our aggressive advertising and promoting their ad widgets on our website. Connexity Inc. only explanation for not paying what is rightfully due to our company for marketing their products on our website was low (CTS) ratio to their merchant partners stores. | Explanation Summary: | Pay – Per – Click (CPC): In definition meaning a pay rate or a bid cost that vary by each unique visitor sent directly to a specific advertiser landing page or website. | Click – To – Sale (CTS): In definition meaning a ratio in the amount of clicks resulted in sales representing as the (Click -To – Sale) ratio percentage. | Explanation of Pay – Per- Click Advertising: | Google (Adwords) are a major (Pay Per Click) (CPC) Ad Network pioneer on the internet. We advertise on Google (Adwords) for our business on some occasions. When we start a campaign running on a (Pay Per Click) (CPC) pay out model rate. We understand that we are going to be paying (Per Click) for each unique visitors sent to our landing page or website as described above as the primary definition of (Pay Per Click) (CPC) rate. We may spend a few hundreds dollars in just two or three days for running a (Pay Per Click) campaign on Google (Adwords). | Many times we don’t make No sales from our (Pay Per Click) (CPC) campaign from advertising on Google (Adwords). Does that make it right for us Not to have to pay for our Google (Adwords) (Pay Pay Click) traffic? NO!!! | Now what do you think if we were to ask Google (Adwords) for all of our advertising dollars back because we did Not make any sales or just made a few sales from advertising on Google (Adwords) (Pay Per Click) Network?… What do you think Google (Adwords) would say? | Of course, Google (Adwords) will Not give your money back because you as a advertiser agreed to pay on a (Pay Per Click) campaign model rate. You as a advertiser Must understand that a (Pay Per Click) campaign is a (Make or Miss) Ad campaign that can Not guarantee any sales for the advertiser. | We fully understood that our primary reason for joining the (Smart Stores) Publishers Network was to simply drive traffic to (Smart Stores) period. Publishers of any Ad Network can Not make the sale for a advertiser. It is solely the advertisers responsibility to make the sale after a click has been generated to their landing page or website. | ( Connexity Inc. thinks that they can have their “Cake” and “Eat” it too. Connexity Inc. should fully understand that this is Not “Right” and this is Not the way the Ad Network Industry operates nor the (Internet Advertising Bureau) ( will approve of this kind of defraud behavior that Connexity Inc. are practicing to deceive and defraud (Smart Stores) Network Publishers out of Revenue Share.

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