Continental Mobile Home Park

Continental Mobile Home Park

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We moved into this park on 8/1/16 with lease expiring 8/1/17. We were required to pay 650.00 refundable deposit. Living in this park was hell. We could not get mail delevered as they do not allow mail people to deliver due to accident, Children urinationg in group mailbox. We made 3 complaints about children running amok thru our yard causing damage with no one addressing it, | The park is not able to enforce rules and the living conditions are disturbing. | We hung out our lease in spite of all the bad and had great neighbors that made the problems bearable. | We took care of the yard and did our part. We were required to give notice. On July 1 we gave 30 day notice. | The manager said everything was in order we were never late 1 day on our rent. we waited for 10 days no check we called and she informed us we had a 350 dollar electric bill and wouldnt get our deposit back for 12 months all the utilities water trash and electric were 189. so we know this is a lie and they refude to let electric company read meter | 10 days more go by and we call again and this time the story changes. Nothing is said about electric bill at all this time the story is we left too early, | we are so angry after everything we went though at their park for them to keep this money. They have a disgusting reputation and we should have taken heed but didnt . Hope this report will keep someine else from living there and losing money

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  1. Kristeen Langman
    June 16, 2020

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