Contract Exteriors, LLC

Contract Exteriors, LLC

To start with we own an old house literally covered with oak trees, to say we have moisture would be the understatement of the year. To that end, we decided to clad our house in James Hardie cement siding to cover the existing T-111 and more to the point rotting from over and under us. The house is 2 story Tudor style approximately 2500 sq ft with about a 1300 sq ft building out back. After seeing the JH (James Hardie) represenattive at Home Depot, he gave us the information to go on to the JH website and plug in our zip and we would be directed to the local JH installer in our area. Needless to say it was Contract Exteriors who was their “Preferred Elite” installer. Well, after putting in our information for them to contact us it took several emails to JH to finally get someone to call us back from CE. They came out and worked us up a quote for both houses of a little over $106,000!! Needless to say we could not afford to do it. After a couple of months we noticed that the siding was in worse shape than before and was to the point of pulling away from the house due to the rot pulling thru the nails! We contacted the CE rep again and told them we could not afford to do both but would like to do the front house ($57000 approximately). Since we could not get anyone else to do it we signed a contract on October 7th, 2015 ….MISTAKE!!! We were told the house would definetly be done by Thanksgiving. Called them at the beggining of November for an update (they don’t call you) and was told they were having to re-do a job that got “screwed up” while the project manager was on vacation. Needless to say we were concerned! After 2 months of NO work, they finally called and I told them we were no longer intrested in having them work on our house because of the lack of work and no communication. I was told by Randy Hann the owner that it would cost us the 20% of the contract plus all the fees and materials they had incurred to date. Well, long story short, they did NOTHING and had nothing in the job and now want an additional $2869.72 for a total of $11,478.88 to do absolutely nothing for us!!!!! This company is useless and will overcharge you by HUGE amounts! DO NOT sign anything with them if you happen to run into them and by all means get someone in the legal profession to read your contract. This constitues our lifes savings and now we have to lost 1/6th of it for nothing.

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