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Cool Grandma Store

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Product appeared on Facebook as a textile of good size. It was pictured on a wall as a framed piece of art and also held agaist an adult person’s body showing a good a large size textile Grandmother to Granddaughter art poem. The total with shipping was around 30.00. | I received a very small package today. In the package was a cheap shiny thin paper print about 11″x7″ of the poem. I could have done this myself on my printer. There is no return address and no return information or no return phone number that I could find. | The address on the lable is Order Fufillment Cool Grandma Store 7800, Records St, Lawrence, IN.46226. I find this reprehensible to prey on Grandmothers. I normally do not buy off of Facebook, but this ad did not normal. I have learned my lesson.

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  1. Major Rothmann
    June 16, 2020

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