Cool Springs at Frisco Bridges

Cool Springs at Frisco Bridges

You should live in a place that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. It is important for your peace of mind that your able to go home and be treated with respect and kindness by the people who are in-charge of just about every aspect of the place you live (in this case the management in the front leasing office). | I am not writing this to call names or retaliate against those that have treated me badly. I am writing this to help those who read this to avoid the mistreatment and suffering that I have experienced while living at this complex. Unfortunately, I have had multiple issues that have been handled terribly and made me feel that I need to move no matter the cost. | Staff/Management Lied about $300 that was maliciously charged. | Bulied and belittled | Refusal to discuss, or even allow us to speak | We were treated by the front office manager as if she was to smart and experienced to deal with us. We were a nusance to her and she decided to make an example of her superiority by bullying and intimidation tactics, used infront of her staff to show her own superiority. | It took more than 6 months and 20 calls to fix my icemaker | 3 months, 12-13 calls and 10 visits to repair air conditioning (in the TX summer) | Numerous mistakes with billing as well as harassment from the front office. | They owned by Westwood Residential & Taylor Land Two management company, this is a link that list all of there Texas properties | | I would strongly advise to stay away from any property that they own. | If they hire management that treats tenants this poorly, it is likely many of their properties will have similar living conditions. Good luck on you next move in, I’ll be joining you as soon as I can get out of here 🙂

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