Core Products International, Inc.

Core Products International, Inc.

WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW!!! | Do not buy this pillow here or online…you have to pay your own shipping, NO, FREE shipping return back to Core Product Int. | ** PILLOW (Hardness) | I bought the $41 pillow (gentle) and received it on Friday (4/28). | I tried it that night, after 1 hr, I just could not handle the hardness of the pillow; it gave me a headache which I did not have with my old pillow. So I tried to sleep on the side; it was just the same, the unbearable hardness! | ** UPS (Shipping) | I called the company on Monday (5/1) to find out how to ship the pillow back. They said that just ship it back to the return address and you’ll be credit back. But YOU had to pay for the shipping. So I went to the UPS Store and asked for the cheapest cost to ship it back and the UPS Clerk said, “$35”. What!!! Did I heard it right! The clerk said because of the box size, that’s why it was $35!!!. | HOly….if I return it, I AM out $35!!! The company hasn’t lost any money and still ended up with a brand new pillow. But I lose $35!!! This is a SCAM! | I felt so disguised and unfair that Core Product Int could do that to a customer who really needed a good cervical pillow. In fact, Core Product Int is running a scam! They have no lose but gain! | DON’T BUY THEIR PRODUCT!!! You have to pay $35 or MORE to ship it back to the company!!!

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