Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters Complaint

Brandy McCain sells her services for $10-$20 per class. She teaches you how to save money – or be very cheap – by using coupons. Everything she teaches you can be googled. I”ve stood behind this woman in line at Krogers for over 30 minutes while she uses huge stacks of coupons to buy things in humongous, bulk quantities. She had a hug stack of Irish Spring soap, and probably 20 tubes of toothpaste. She claims that anything she doesn”t use she donates to shelters or churches. She is also a member of many Facebook Recycle or Yard Sale sites. She offers to “buy” stuff from others by trading her freebies for what other people have for sale. If you look at what she has for sale, she wants cash for it… and some of it is very unreasonably high priced (and probably stuff she got for free). It”s ridiculous that a person can be so incredibly cheap and selfish that she won”t pay others what they deserve for their things, but then turn around and sell things that she has cheated stores out of for free to people for a big price.

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