County of San Bernardino

County of San Bernardino

The father and non-custodial parent NCP in my case owes some back child support. He’s a good dad and has been paying towards his arrears each month in addition to the current. I noticed on my Child Support Monthly Statement for March 2017 that DCSS intercepted his Federal Tax Refund in the amount of $6545.91 for back child support. They then applied $6545.91 (“according to federal law” without reference) to “Repay CalWorks” I don’t owe any CalWorks. I spent an entire day at the welfare office. I was given multiple print outs (print screens of their actual accounting and collections system) to support the position of CalWorks themselves that I didn’t & don’t owe the county any money. I took the printouts and submitted them along with my concern that this is a grievous error asking that they correct it as soon as possible because that back support is for the benefit of my children. | Timing could not be worse, the whole first floor of my apartment flooded out on 4/3. Suffice to say my kids and I are displaced. I’m currently disabled, single parent household, and I haven’t received cash aid since 2012. I have never had a tax refund intercepted or back child support taken this is my first notice of action, though none was mailed out by the county welfare or county collections in attempts to collect a debt. I have further details as this is happening as I breathe and thus far no one in the ombudsmans office of DCSS can offer any defense or explanation. Not a phone number, account number, person we can call, department or entity by name, the mystery legal statute which enabled them to just take his tax refund (and deduct it from his arrears) turn around and take it from me in the form of back child support using “CalWorks” name when CalWorks has no knowledge of ANY of this. Am I the first one to question what the hell is going on here? I know we aren’t the only parents this has happened to. But when you see the word CalWorks it almost makes you not bother questioning it – because I was on CalWorks years ago. But I worked, bought a home, was entitled to every state and federal tax refund I ever claimed without a word from anyone anywhere anytime I smell misappropriation and scandal within the County of San Bernardino and the Department of Child Support Services. | I just spoke to the child support department once more Mr. J Rodriguez says it’s not an overpayment it’s a repayment but they told my kids dad that the whole debt was over 10K and 9K is all interest. When I asked about that she kept retire ting me to CalWorks. No federal statute was provided when I asked. All I know is I was never over paid and we’re all in agreement. I also know they are guarding the info behind this theft they perpetrated on my family or these state employees honestly don’t know and are spewing some internal script written for them. These employees are being used as a firewall so whatever illegal collections and dirty dealings going on can continue.

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