Cox Automotive, Inc.

Cox Automotive, Inc.

This is still true two and a half years later. Idiots that don’t care about all the small business owners – truckers (owner operators that move cars)…. hurting real bad because this company has no customer service, they bought the website that controls 98% of the auto transport trucking industry and they refuse to maintain it, update it, fix all the many glitches in it and they show no signs of doing anything about it any time soon either. Schwartz – the CEO – total jackass! Whatever he touches turns to crap. – F Rated as far as a website goes (19 year old software that is the worst imaginable software to work with all day long). Dispatchers and truckers are pulling their hair out over this crap software. Useless – unreliable – crap software that is in desperate need of a viable alternative that all brokers and carriers can jump over to quick. Lazy young graduates with computer software degrees can’t built a simple dispatching website? Ridiculous. | Brokers pay $169.00 for Central Dispatch and $189.00 for There are over 4,500 brokers that subscribe to this service. They are making 1.6 million dollars per month and they can’t hire the right IT people to fix this software disaster? Lazy bum idiots at Cox Automotive. They refuse to add bandwidth, they refuse to make the website stable (crashes all the time)… they refuse to listen to their customers and what their customers are asking for… they don’t ever answer their phones. They simply do not give a F [email& 160;protected] K and they will come right out and tell you so if you try to suggest changes. They don’t want to hear it. This is what was posted 2 years ago and nothing has changed since. Read below….. If you are a manager or an executive at Cox Automotive Group…. you are wanted by every Auto Transport broker and carrier. We want to kick your a**. You’ve taken over and and now the whole Auto Transport industry is F% [email& 160;protected] up. James C. Kennedy… you need to fire the IT Department and put some people in charge of fixing the Auto transport software today. It sucks. You bought a dog s*** company and now you are responcible for it. Fix it. Fire everyone there and put some people in charge who care about customer service and IT management. Watch the reviews fly. Central Dispatch and JTracker suck. The buck stops at you Moron… for buying a screwed up software deal and now fixing it right away after you took over. We are sick of it. Enough is enough.

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  1. Amparo Weslow
    June 17, 2020

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