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On Feb 11th 2017 I had an estate sale in Tulsa, OK that was advertised weeks in advance. The sale was a success totaling $7,754.00 in credit card sales alone. We had another last minute sale on Feb 12th which totaled $445.00. On the two days of the sales there were issues with the credit card machine. They would not swipe properly so I had to manually key in credit card numbers using my laptop. It clearly states that all transactions should clear within the next business day. | However, that was not the case, instead of clearly into my account, Credit Card Processing held the funds. Since then I have been transferred to the resolution team and then bombarded with questions about the business. It was first a Ms. Star Gloria Adams that requested information by email to send receipts proven of the sales and then afterwards the account was transferred to Matthew Hernandez for further requested proof. He asked to see my first months of bank statements before stating that he would contact me the next day for an update. | Well guess what? No phone call, email or anything. No update and every time I call they transfer me to this Mr. Matthew person and I get his voicemail. I was trying to be patient but I have other folks I have to pay for this estate sale and they are jerking me around. This company owes me a little over $8,000 and getting someone on the phone who can assist me is like pulling teeth. Well…finally 3/21/2017 today Mr. Matthew Hernandez called me back for the first time and stating that they will not be releasing funds at all. He stated it was ONE customer that stated it was a fraud transaction. I said then do not pay for that one. Why stop the others? I am yelling and cursing at this point. He stated that they were holding it for now. What does that mean? For now? I asked. No response. He was lying. I told him not to say anything else. I knew he was trying to get me off the phone and that this was unacceptable. | I give away over $8,000 worth of products and you think your are going to take the money and run? Who does this company think they are? They can’t just shut down my account and keep my transactional funds.Now I have no products and out of over $8,000. I trusted this company and they took all my money. Listen WORLD do not trust they hold your funds and come up with every excuse not to pay for your transactions. I do have a lawyer who is taking the case.

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