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I know I was stupid for falling for this scam, but like many who are credit challenged I faced some circumstances in my life I wanted to change. Well, I used this guy for $450.00 to sweep my credit file and raise my scores. Well, long story short. Sent him the downpayment of $350 with $100.00 to be paid once the job was complete. Was supposed to take 60 hours to complete. After 5 days the job was still incomplete and this morning I got this email: | Good morning! I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the hack i did for you is taking more time to upload to your credit hence the delay and I’ve stated the reasons below. | The good news is that I talked to a colleague of mine, he’s a credit expert formerly of Canadian credit bureaus Equifax and Experian. I told him about the hack I did for you and he let me know that the system has changed that’s why it’s taking more time to reflect because: | 1. The systems firewall triggered an ‘error in modification’, obstructing the results of the credit score upgrade I did ( raising your credit score from 533 to 786) and the negatives I cleared, from reflecting. | 2. You just have to contact him to wipe the negative errors on your credit report before all I did can reflect publicly. | I am sorry about this but I want you to know it is not my fault and it is usually not like this but because of the change in system and the high security upgrade attached to the website service provider. But be rest assured that my colleague will solve this. That I assure you. Also I spoke to my colleague on your behalf, and told him you already paid me some amount so he agreed to reduce the amount he charges for you. He was at first reluctant to help because he only works with influential people for certain reasons known to him but after talking to him, he agreed to help. Let me know your decision so I can send his number. | I texted his colleague who supposedly has contacts in Canada and he told me I could get a discounted rate of $600 from the normal $1400. Needless,to say I told him to go pound sand. | So I’m posting this to make sure everyone isn’t a stupid as me.

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