Crossroads Ford

Crossroads Ford

The salesman and others lied to me from the start and did not stop from the begining to the end of the sale. | They did not have the Ford truck that I wanted, but there other dealers in Wake Forest N.C. did have the truck that I wanted as I could see in on the interent. The salesperson and finance person told me that I wolud have sign a couple of papers to get the truck transfered to Va. After an hour of signing papers It turned to be a sales contract to purchase the truck. | When the truck came up from N.C. the next day and I like it, and decided to purchase the truck. The truck was missing all of the floor mats as a sticky clear plactic was covering was on the floor instead of the regular mats that come in these type of trucks. Plus and the most important the truck had only (One Set of Keys) of which I question the sales person and he assure me that he would look into the key issure and take care of getting me a nother set of keys of which I have never receiver either the keys or floor mats. You would think for a $42.311 truck you would have these items. | I have tried to contact both the sales person and sales manager to no avail. They will not answer either my e-mails or phone calls. You would think a large dealler such as Crossroads would take care of the problems as the adv. to making the customer happy thats not true. I will never purchase another truck from this dealer, nor would I advise any one else to so either.

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