Crown Capital Services

Crown Capital Services

I received a call this morning from a Michael Shank of Crown Capital Services, claiming that i am a party of interest and I needed to cal 855-274-8042 or press 9 to speak to an agent. I of course did not answer the call and it reached my voice mail, I do not answer any calls that I do know recognize the number because of calls like this. I can happily say that I have never actually fallen victim to one of these scams but have dealt with many of them in the past few years. Usually a citizen from India can be to blame but this time I almost thought different because of the white male voice they used as their message. But I did further research and searched for their phone number online, and, SO EVERYONE KNOWS, some of the “so called” toll free phone numbers that start with 855 can be from a cellular phone company in…….That’s right you guessed it…INDIA!! The phone was traced to India and then on further research I see that there are numerous India based 855 numbers and that there were numerous different carriers that offered this prefix. Please do no be dumb enough to fall for things like this. If the contact you are speaking to sounds as if they are from a foreign country, then please if you feel inclined to give them what they ask for, do yourself a favor first and ask to speak with someone without an accent because you are having a hard time understanding what they are saying. If they are a legit company they will be extremely apologetic and transfer you, if they are not a legit company they will begin to get very defensive and most often threaten you some more. I had this happen when applying for a loan, I had received a phone call from someone with a very strong accent claiming I was approved for a XXXX.XX loan, but I had to go to the closest store to me and get a MoneyPak Reload for a prepaid card and give them the numbers to prove I had the means to pay off the loan, they were going to give it right back they promised.

So, I hope this information help someone from losing their hard earned money. Stay positive, safe, and scam free!. I demand 55 Trillion Dollars in quarters, and a big bag of sour patch kids. Stay away

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