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I Joined Crunch Gym on March 3, 2015. The manager of the Gym, Domenick Taylor, administered the transaction. A few days later I was in the Gym and he convinced me to enroll my wife in the gym as well. | I tried to get my wife interested in going to the Gym, now that I had purchased a membership for her, but she told me that the 2 times she had been there, the equipment was dirty, the staff was not helpful, and that the people who work there pressured her to buy nutritional supplements. Since my wife is very knowledegable in biochemistry and humany anatomy, she informed me that the staff was untrained and acting more like sales professionals than nutritionalists. | In June I cancelled her membership. Or so I thought. The system to cancel a membership at Crunch does not involve a computer. Instead, they use a piece of paper that an associate fills out, asks for a signature, and then informs me that he needs to wait for manager approval before he can cancel the membership. I asked if we could get that approval while I was at the counter, and he told me no because Managers review their stacks of work later in the day. I asked if I could speak with Domenick Taylor, but I was informed that Domenick Taylor no longer worked at the company. | A few months later, I saw that they were still charging me for my wifes membership. I was furious. I went to the Gym and asked them to look up the record that I cancelled the membership two months earlier. He asked if I had a copy of the cancellation. I told him no, I was not provided one by his colleague. | He told me there was nothing he could do for me. I told him to cancel my membership and my wifes membership on the spot. I would not go to a gym that cheats its members. He cancelled my membership by using the same pice of paper I remembered from a few months earlier. I told him that he BETTER NOT LOSE IT THIS TIME. Then he filled one out for my wife’s account. AND THEN CAME THE SHOCK… He told me that my wifes membership was going to renew in 8 days, and the CRUNCH rules state that she would have to pay for one more month, since she was within 10 days of the next billing cycle | I told him NO, since in REALITY we were 3 months beyond the day I already cancelled her membership He told me that if I did not pay the fee for one extra month (which had not even started yet) I would be sorry. I asked him what he meant by that. He told me they would send my account to collections and ruin my credit. | Something really sleazy seems to be going on. They lose my cancellation (was that because they didnt want to cancel?). They tell me to pay for a month that had not yet started. They push vitamins and supplements without knowing anything about a members medical condition, they dont clean their gym equiptment properly. | I found dozens of people on the Internet today, all complaining about Crunch. I searched other gyms and did not find such poor reputations. I think Crunch needs to find some integrity. They lied to me, cheated me, and threatened me for quiting.

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