Crypto Trading Fund

Crypto Trading Fund Complaint

Crypto Trading Fund is definitely a scam. Its founder or what he calls himself a president Evgeny Nazarov is a well-known scammer. This fund is a total scam as well. Evgeny Nazarov is a clown, who’s always on tv, on the internet, he participates in different projects that are very very questionable. Let’s talk about this website. First of all, they introduced the team… No, they just showed photos of them but provided no information at all. It’s said that the team is successful, experienced and talented. How can I check it? Where can I read about this team success? Their address. Not exact one. So what they are located in the OKO tower? What’s their floor, suite? Do they occupy the whole tower? Wow!] Why are some people from a group photo differ from those who are introduced above it? I think this website is overwhelmed with mistakes and scam signs and I hope you will never invest in this mickey mouse organization or similar ones.

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