Culver City Toyota

Culver City Toyota

This is the epitome of a stereotypical used car dealership, SCAM and all. | I sold my car to these guys almost one month ago and they have YET to pay it off. I haven’t received a penny or even a promise. Despite LEGALLY having to pay off the car in 21 days, they have still not made payment, so my bank is charging me late payment charges AND affecting my credit score, for something that isn’t my fault. | They claim to have made a payment to Wells Fargo, and Cal Tech Credit Union – neither of which is my bank! They’re claiming this despite having received an email from my bank with all required bank details while I was sat with them. Sounds like B*ll sh*t to you!? | HERE’S THE ILLEGAL SCAM: I did some research and quickly found out what’s going on. They take ownership of your car and try to sell it before they have to outlay the cash needed to buy it. Despite the fact that completely f*cks you over. Not only is it misrepresentation, my lawyer tells me it’s actually ILLEGAL. | Claudia: is the financial controller who is responsible for this SCAM. She rarely answers the phone but will soon be hearing from my legal counsel. | Ronnie: Seems like a nice guy when he’s buying your car, but as soon as you walk out the door he never answers the phone and does nothing to help you.

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