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They told me i was approved for a loan because they co sighned for me. They got my down payment and let me leave with suv. Ten days later they called and said i did not get approved and i had to either pay 27 thousand to pay off loan or forfit car and down payment because of usage of the truck. I asked 3 times on three different days and asked the guy in finance what the end total os i have to pay and 3 times he told me 27 thousand. I dont get. If the suburban was 25000 dollars and i put 9000 down. How does the end amount come to 27000. 25 take away 9 is not 27. So i figured out they are trying to add an extra 9000 dollars still in interest and finance charges. Okay. If im not getting a loan or being financed and your telling me i have to just pay off balance. Then there shouldnt be finance and interest charges if im not getting a loan. Criminals straight criminals. Now i have to lock my beautiful car up in a garage far from here to protect myself until i can get legal action. | curbside motors Everybody that works there i have really bad credit… curbside motors told me i got approved for a loan for a 2008 chevy suburban because the said they themselves co sighned for me. i gave them 9000 dollars in down payment. after not recieving any paper work from a bank i called them. they informed me. 2 weeks later that i was not approved for a loan. and i had to cough up 27 thousand dollars. i called 3 times to confirm final payment. they said if i cant pay then i have to forfit the truck and my down payment because of it being driven for 2 weeks. wtf. then i look at the balance. the suv was priced at 25 thousand. i put 9 thousand down on that. so how is my balance 27 thousand…because they are adding in finance charges and interest to the final balance. but if i have to pay it off. there should be no finance charge or interest on a loan im not getting. and 9 minus 25 is not 27. plus tax. somone help me. please. my suv is locked in a garage now until i get this dispute sorted out. i hate crooks.

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  1. Loretta Gobler
    June 16, 2020

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