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I have been with NJ Cure since 2010 not knowing how this whole insurance thing works. I was told if you pick this policy it would help out with the payments not being so high, non the wiser I did. | Fast forward some years, I have a newer car and had to upgrade the insurance to full coverage being told the same thing, still not so wise to the insurance world I signed to what they told me. I then got into an accident where I was clearly hit from behind. | Here it is two years later and I speak with my attorney today and he states, ” I am sure that no one explained this to you when you purchased your insurance”, but ” You have a policy threshhold that states you will not sue anyone, unless you have broken bones”. Needless to say I was shocked and called my insurance company asking them to explain this; I then come across Kathy R. and Maria S., which Kathy thought she placed me on hold, she decided to talk about me to the supervisor Maria and she joined in, instead of helping me along. | I was upset and explained that to Maria of course, she then tried to give me an upgraded insurance, who wants it now, damage is done and I have no idea what to do from here. She tried telling me, “well it saved you money”… Who wants to be in an accident, deal with neck and back pain for the rest of their lives, but say, well atleast I saved some money! I could switch to Geico for that.

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  1. Joye Correla
    June 17, 2020

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