On June 25, 2018. I placed an order on unsespecting who they really. There was virtually no information on them online, their proper name or location. Once the charges posted I realized it was not a discount distributor but a Chinese plastic mold factory XiJie Co Ltd. The charge was applied to my account until it posted at $17 higher than what I confirmed on. I contacted them to cancel the order but they said it was on the way. It tooks a couple of weeks to arrive (instead of 5 days that they advertise). The product was .99 cent cheap sandals that could be bought cheap anywhere in Asia, wrong size and nothing in common with what was actually ordered. They refused to refund or send the correct order. Instead they asked to place a new order and then they will send the correct product. They also promised a discount on the new order that they would wire back. I naturally refused. | Now I lost $141. The website does not list location so it’s impossible to review. I would like to do everything possible to warn other users from this experince. They are forging brands, they are hiding behind Goosecraft logo (while this is not who they are), they are misrepresenting goods and just performing fraudulent transactions.

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