Cyber Discovery Group Inc.

Cyber Discovery Group Inc.

This Non-Profit is anything but that. I met this guy, Jon Creekmore, once was as not impressed. He continuted to solict me for money after I repeatedly told him I wasn’t interested. I question a Non-Profit organization that is pushy. He says that everything he does it to spread awareness, but it all comes with a hidden fees. I’d rather find someone who is upfront and hoenst if I needed help. I question his knowledge on cyber because he really didn’t seem to know much and when I went home I did some research on him and his Certs were completed within a 3 month period. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would take advice from someone who has 3 months on the job. This guys obvious can’t be trusted and it won’t be long before this guys talks to the wrong person and gets a lawsuit for fraud. Look-out August, there is a new scammer in town.

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