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Cypress Industries

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We are a cloud hosting and solutions provider offering cloud resources to mid size to enterprise level companies, Although we get a lot of clients who are trying to abuse the system or get a free ride We don’t usually write a negative review about a company whose we intended to conduct business with. This time we put this review to help other companies by not failing victims of this company’s ripoff, fraud and poor unethical practices. | We were approached by Hasit Ruparel who claims to be the lead of the IT department at Cypress Industrie, Referred by a business partner. He requested support services and network evaluation services that we conduct on demand based on one to one engineering efforts – specifically support their Windows platform (upon agreed price and NDA completed) and evaluate security of their network. after completing both services and provide detailed reports client disappeared and pretended to be away to avoid paying the associated fees. Several attempts were made to get his response or at least some feedback to reassign our engineer (locked to his account) to another client without success. Initially he claimed that the engineer assigned to him lack of some knowledge which we considered valid feedback and based on that we switched his assignment to another engineer focused on the experience he demanded in Windows. Hasit unprofessionally never paid the balance due which was occurred due to several online sessions with our assigned engineer as well as full in-depth network evaluation followed by security recommendations and 2 hours engineering call to explain remidation plan for his vulnerable company network, accommodating his time zone with hours outside of regular hours, Hasit also play with the words and un-professionally discuss matters trying to run away as a free rider of other companies support efforts paying nothing. We are surprised he act such a behavior knowing that we do have critical information about his internal company’s network that could be a fun toy to online kiddies. | This is an informational warning for any company to avoid doing business with this company or at least get paid in full upfront before conducting any services or assign resources to avoid similar outcome. Note this company has Indian location and might be using both locations to conduct similar scam tactics. Their case are currently in the hands of a professional collection agency that will collect the non paid debit sooner or later.

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  1. Loma Washinton
    June 16, 2020

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