We have been working with d-carte company for long time since 2010 as being their supplier for electronics board and screen for them to integrate those parts into their pop ad / plv connect√©e / video brochure. | We normally required payment before shipping. However working with this client for long time we have trusted them and demosntrated flexibility to allow them to try to grow their business by allowing payment after shipment. | In 2013 after shipping goods, a bill of more than 10 000 usd was remained unpaid. We have relaunched them several time to pay this bill as they had received the goods. Relaunch after relaunch they Claude maidemberg, also called maidenberg) always told us they would pay, but they never did. It seems other people have same issue . | I discovered recently that president is called maidemberg www.Societe.com/societe/d-carte-515066330.Html) but his name also appear time to time as maidenberg with a “n”, i suppose there is probably a fraud somewhere here. | We have contacted their shareholder nestadio capital to try to solve this issue in a friendly manner but they didn’t give answer. | We have consulted a lawyer in paris specialized in this kind of issue and are about to sue them if they don’t contact us very quickly to solve this issue in a proper manner. | I advice to any supplier and customer to stay away this company or to tight payment to leave no room to trust whixh is is not honored by the company. | At this moment, we would today consider the company d-carte as a bad payer | Keyword: d-carte feedback, d-carte reputation, d-carte financial, d-carte review, claude maindenberg, claude maidemberg

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