D2 Management LLC

D2 Management LLC

This all started in August 2014 when someone called and told me i had took a payday loan out.I told the person on other end i did not and how could that happen.They said it was done over the internet.I stated i did not do this.The lady states someone stole my wireless router ip address and took the loan out she asked for a report..I sent report never heard from them again.Then out of no where a company called D2Management calls in October 2016 and tells me i took a payday loan out i told them no i did not the lady tells me to file a report and then gets nasty with me telling me you know you took this loan out.I filed identity theft report with local law enforcement and federal.I got a case number 16-801187 detective Greg Barho.He contacted D2management i had to call them to tell them to give him the information they had which i still don’t know. Then in January someone hit my credit i find out it is Nationwide finanical Group in Orange California i got in touch with them and this guys tells me its an installment loan and the customer is Cash Central.Understand i have lifelock and have all three credit burea watching my credit thanks to these people.Today i get a call from a Kenny Smith at Upstate Capital Services 844-659-9896 ext 99815 telling me i’m being sued by Check-n-go for a bad check i gave them.From my info from the detective all the email address are from south carolina and he gave me the phone number 512-758-0277 which is a T mobile number and belongs to a female.The detective has contacted the bank called Branch Bank and trust which was to be a saving account well i’ve never heard of the bank or have i had a savings account.So cash central raven no last name wanted my goverment id and this kenny smith threaten me as well. | So the list is as follows | D2management | nationwide finanical group | Cash Central aka community choice finanical | Upstate Capital Services | Check-N-GO | Its either a payday loan or installment i don’t know the amount and don’t know the loan account number the bank Branch Bank and trust never heard of | Never worked for a montana Inc | So someone in 2014 stole my Identity took some kind of a loan not sure cause each time im called its different. | Never gave a check to check-n-go

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