Dade County Federal Credit Union

Dade County Federal Credit Union Review

I have a saving account with Dade County Federal Credit Union. I tried to pay my Tax refund using the direct payment service. The bank denied the payment and charged me a $29 for overpayment because according the them I had not enough funds in my account. Before making the payment I checked on line, the balance of my account and the funds were more than enough to make the payment. | It turns, that the balanced displayed on line is not the real balance. In my case, there were some checks deposited in my account that had not been cleared but they were entered in the balance. In summary, they have problems with the way they display the balances on line, which mislead the customers. | If the checks have not been cleard they should not be added to the balance. The penalty is only $29 but it is matter of principles that they are making a mistake with the way the display the account information on line. They have to fix it.

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