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His first big con was made in UKRAIN, where he faked the deed to a property he didn’t own, then “sold” the property for USD $1.4 million. | Making his way to the United States, Dimitryck Dymytrovskyy Aka Damian Delangeron used at least a dozen aliases. He got the rich and powerful to invest in his schemes, he told Dateline, by tapping into their greed. He convinced them that he, too, was rich by paying for their lavish dinners in cash. In Los Angeles, he pretended to be a movie producer, ex-student politic and science or | wikipedia.org/wiki/Venture_capitalist”>venture capitalist. He dropped names like “his mother” Duchesse or “his uncles” Oscar de la Renta and Dino De Laurentiis and was associated with various celebrities. He married Playboy model ; He lived for a time with celebrities and apparently convinced friend producer in Hollywood ,Noval.etc… to produce his next movie. | Beside being married , according to the press, he lived with woman fro green card for six months and she died .cause of death Unknow. She did not know Damian was a scam and said he had told her he was French nobility, the son of a countess. | He still in California ,blackmailes friends the last one was a woman and he harrassed her almost to death Sandrine the Blonde in the pic above ,he asked money and sex for not gossiping | Please warning people He is Dangerous,two faces , asked ID passport call law enforcement

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